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GreatMuOnline posted on December 21, 2018 at 19:00

Hello everyone! 11th edition has started!
If you got any trouble with run our client please contact us by fanpage.
Have a nice and fun game!

Christmas events will take place in the coming days.
First Castle Siega fight will take place on 06.01.2019 at 20:00.
Premium features and xShop will be available from sunday.

In this edition we have also prepared prizes for the best! More information in future news.

GreatMuOnline posted on December 21, 2018 at 14:00

Today at 19:00 11th edition will start dont forget!
Recent changes before the start:


  1. Items changes:
    • Fixed Jewel of Option (Now shown 75% successrate and correct description)
    • Increase drop of Silver and Gold Medal (+10%)
    • Increase Jewel of Life successfull rate from 60% to 70%
    • Custom jewels drop in events like BC has ben replaced with Box of Award (Chance to get this Box is lowered from this edition custom jewels will be rare)
    • Decrease Jewel of Wing drop rate in Devil Square (50% lower)
  2. Map changes:
    • Moved 2 tantalos spots from Tarkan2 (warp) to 40/139 and 87/172 (Shown on the minimap)
    • Added two new spots in Aida (Blue Golems: 157/233 and 127/233)
    • Added new spot in lorencia (Spiders: 175/147 shown on the minimap)
  3. Shop changes
    • Removed items required for blood castle and devil square from shops.
  4. New events: 
    • Online lottery (Be online and win a random jewel)
    • Quiz event (Answer the question correctly and get 10 Wcoin (P))
    • Team vs Team (PvP event every saturday at 20:00)
Other changes were announced in previous news.

GreatMuOnline posted on December 16, 2018 at 14:13

Small changes regarding rewards.
 Ancient items drop have been replaced by a Box of Antique (Ancient item will drop from the box)
 Custom jewels drop have been replaced by a Box of Award (Custom jewels will drop from the box)

What does it change? You can trade rewards from events with other players.

Also changes in premium server - is no more available although all premium privileges are available on every sub-server. Change needed for greater players integration.
In the next days we will inform you about new features on GreatMuOnline. Follow us!

GreatMuOnline posted on December 13, 2018 at 21:24

As you know in previous editions crywolf event was not often visited by players.
This is the reason for changing drop. Crywolf event is everyday at 19:00 CET there is available to kill 12 dark elfs and 1 balgass.

  1. Dark Elf(12) drop:
    One item with 1-2 excelent option. JoL option (+4 - +12). Luck - 50%
    • Sets:
       Black Dragon - Dark Phoenix - Great Dragon
       Eclipse - Grand Soul - Dark Soul
       Divine - Iris Red - Spirit
       Storm Crow - Thunder Hawk - Hurricane
       Dark Steel - Dark Master
       Ancient - Demonic
       Piercing Groove
    • Weapons:
       Dragon Shield - Knight Blade - Daybreak - Dark Breaker - Dragon Spear - Divine Sword of Archangel
       Staff of Kundun - Divine Staff of Archangel
       Crossbow of Archangel - Great Reign Crossbow
       Dark Reign - Blade Rune Blade
       Great Lord Scepter
       Divine Stick of the Archangel - Demonic Stick - Book of Lagle
       Piercing Blade Glove

  2. Balgass(1) drop:
    One item(380level) with 2-4 excelent option. JoL option (+8 - +16). Luck - 75%
    • Sets:
       Dragon Knight
       Venom Mist
       Sylphid Ray
       Storm Blitz
       Phoenix Soul
    • Weapons:
       Bone Blade
       Grand Viper Staff
       Sylph Wind Bow
       Explosion Blade
       Soleil Sceptor
       Storm Blitz Stick
       Phoenix Soul Star
    • Additional:
       Gold Key


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